Past, present and future of soy protein isolate


From meat products, nutritious health foods, to special-purpose formula foods for specific groups of people. Isolated soy protein isolate still has great potential to  be excavated。

Meat Products: The “past” of soybean protein isolate 


In any case, the “brilliance” past of soybean protein isolate has something with the rapid development of deep processing of meat products in China. Soybean protein isolate can be used in meat products, not only as a non-functional filler, but also as a functional additive to improve the texture of meat products and increase flavor. Even if the amount of use between the 2%~2.5%, it can play a role in water retention, liposuction, prevent the separation of gravy, improve the quality and the taste, but also extend the shelf life of products. Higher performance / price ratio makes it the first choice for deep processing of meat products. Around 2000, China’s soybean protein isolate was still mainly dependent on imports, but with Shuanghui, Yurun, Jinluo and other meat products processing enterprises continue to increase the demand, led to the development of domestic soybean protein isolate industry, such as Xinrui Group – Shandong Kawah Oils Co., Ltd – the leviathan manufacturer of ISP was established in 2017 with 50000 tpy of output based on the soybean oil extraction factory which was started in 2004. 

High quality nutritious food: “Present” of soybean protein isolate 


If ten years ago, the application of soybean protein isolate was mainly in the field of meat products. Now, then, consumers are aware of the benefits of soybeans as high-quality nutritious foods. The market for soybean protein isolate is changing. According to a survey by the American Soybean Council in Saint Louis, 75% of respondents believe that soybean products have an auxiliary health effect. In another sample of soybean food and health, the health benefits of soybeans most commonly cited by consumers include: protein sources (16%), low fat (14%), heart Health (12%), Benefits for women (11%), and low cholesterol (10%). According to the survey, Americans who ate soy food or soy drinks at least once a month rose to 42% compared to 30% in 2006. Consumers ‘ “Good impressions” of soybeans have also ignited the enthusiasm of businesses, with a series of high-quality nutritious foods around soybean protein isolate rapidly occupying the market. Archer Daniels Midland Co. added soybean protein isolate to a range of beverages with low pH and neutral pH values, adding up to 10 grams; Beyond Meat added soybean protein to its artificial meat, founder Ethan Brown told it, “Our goal is to provide consumers with pure plant protein, which can perfectly replicate the taste, texture and nutritional value like meat.” “At the famous Supply Side West show, soybean protein isolate is more used in various types of bar foods. A sports nutrition stick for multi-layer cream cookies that can be used for post-exercise recovery contains 26 grams of protein, including soybean protein isolate. Soybean protein isolate is also used in another child nutrition stick. This soybean protein isolate set off a healthy nutrition trend also quickly swept into China, Amway’s star products Nutraledo plant protein powder also added soybean protein isolate.

Special Dietary Products: the “future” of soybean protein isolate


Under the background of consumption upgrading, nutrition subdivision has become the development direction of nutrition and health industry in the future. Soybean protein isolate vegetarian sources, low fat and 0 cholesterol and other characteristics, for it to become a special dietary “force” laid a good foundation. Taking bean-based infant formula powder as an example, the development of bean-based infant formula powder is mainly aimed at some special groups of people. For example, infants with lactose intolerance or galactose, infants from all vegetarian families, infants allergic to milk protein can eat bean-based infant formula powder. In the United States, bean-based infant formula powder accounts for 20%-25% of the overall infant formula powder market share. About 36% of infants who are artificially fed in January the United States are eating bean-based infant formula powder. At present, the foreign market has Abbott, Wyeth, Nestle, Fisland and other brands of bean-based infant formula powder products. And the development of bean-based infant formula powder products in China is very slow, the market products are obviously insufficient. As we all know, milk powder used as raw material for protein powder is a by-product of cheese production, and China’s cheese has not formed a large-scale production, therefore, as the world’s largest importer of whey powder, whey powder Long-term dependence on imports of the status quo to a certain extent affected the price of domestic whey protein powder. The development of bean-based infant formula powder can alleviate the dependence of China on the import of whey powder. Soybean cultivation is extensive in China, and soybean protein isolate is more economical. And the safety of the source of its raw materials is easier to control than that of proteins from animal sources. Taking the soy protein isolate produced by Xinrui Group – Shandong Kawah Oils Co., Ltd. as an example, in order to ensure the safety of the final product, not only non-gmo soybean as raw material, but also low nitrite content, low microbial index control, low moisture control, and through advanced biotechnology, effectively improve the digestion and absorption rate of protein; And through the Kosher, Halal, BRC, ISO22000, IP-SGS and the international leading AIB certification. China is the origin of soybeans, soybeans have been one of the important food crops in China since ancient times. Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, soybean deep processing makes the charm of soybean full play, and soybean protein isolate as a “star product” in deep processing of soybean, its utilization value will be more deeply excavated, and then more widely used.

Post time: Oct-14-2019
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