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13 years of biological extraction experience

XINRUI GROUP was established in May 2003, covering a total area of more than 1,000 mu, after several years of development, formed GUANXIAN XINRUI WOODEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with annual production quantity of 300,000 cubic meters of density board in 3- residual comprehensive deep processing forestry industry, people’s livelihood cogeneration, urban heating, gas supply; GUANXIAN XINRUI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (formerly known as GUANXIAN RUIXIANG BIOTECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD) deeply processes 300,000 tons of wheat annually; SHANDONG KAWAH OILS CO., LTD. deeply processes 180,000 tons of soybean annually; WHEAT AND NON-GMO SOYBEAN PLANTING BASES, formed diversified industrial group company, achieved an annual output of 2.8 billion yuan.

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