Meat & Injection Type, Isolated Soy Protein 9020/9026/9028

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Our injectable and dispersive SPI 9020 and 9026 can dissolve in cold water in 30 seconds, without sediments after standing for 30 minutes. The viscosity of mixed liquid is from low to high, so it is easy to be injected into meat blocks. After injected, soy protein isolate can be combined with raw meat to improve the water retention, tenacity and brittle of taste and increase the product yield. It is dispersible and absorbed in meat through tumbling and massaging meat chunk. It performs very good function in poultry meat due to no yellowish tripe on crosscut, which occupies the dominated position in Chinese market of low temperature processing meat products.

Our new type of ISP – 9028 can be dispersed in brine in 15 seconds for injection into hams, duck, chicken and other similar cured products. It provides a number of benefits in products that result in enhanced finished-product quality and cost optimization. It disperses in brine solutions and will not clog injection equipment when properly hydrated, suitable for fine needle injection.

● Application:

Chicken thigh, Ham, Bacon, Meat Paddies, Soy yoghurt etc.

● Characteristics:

High injection yields without protein agglomeration.

● Product Analysis:

Appearance:                                              Light yellow

Protein (dry basis, Nx6.25, %):                 ≥90.0%

Moisture (%):                                              ≤7.0%

Ash (dry basis, %) :                                    ≤6.0

Fat (%):                                                      ≤1.0

PH Value:                                                  7.5±1.0

Particle Size (100 mesh, %):                        ≥98

Total plate count:                                      ≤10000cfu/g

E.coli:                                                        Negative

Salmonella:                                               Negative

Staphylococcus:                                        Negative

● Recommended Application Method:

1. Dissolve 9020/9026/9028 in cold water or mix with other ingredients to make 5%-6% of solution, inject it into products. 

● Packing & Transportation:

The outer is paper-polymer bag, the inner is food grade polythene plastic bag. Net weight: 20kg /bag;

Without pallet---12MT/20’GP, 25MT/40’ HC;

With pallet---10MT/20’GP, 20MT/40’GP.

● Storage:

Store in dry and cool condition, keep away from material with odor or of volatilization.

● Shelf-life:

Best within 24 months from production date.

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