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Wheat gluten is separated and extracted from high-quality wheat by three-phase separation technology. It contains 15 kinds of essential amino acids and has many characteristics such as strong water absorption, viscoelasticity, extensibility, film formability, adhesion thermocoagulability, liposuction emulsification and so on. 

● Application:

Breakfast cereals; cheese analogues, pizza,  meat/fish/poultry/surimi-based products; bakery products, breadings, batters, coatings & flavors.

● Product Analysis:

Appearance:                                              Light yellow

Protein ( dry basis, Nx6.25, %):                 ≥82

Moisture(%):                                              ≤8.0

Fat(%):                                                       ≤1.0

Ash(dry basis, %) :                                    ≤1.0

Water Absorption Rate (%):                      ≥160

Particle Size:                                           (80 mesh, %) ≥95

Total plate count:                                      ≤20000cfu/g

E.coli :                                                       Negative

Salmonella:                                               Negative

Staphylococcus:                                        Negative

● Recommended Application Method:


In the production of bread making flour, adding 2-3% wheat gluten powde (which can be increased or decreased according to the actual situation) can obviously improve the water absorption and enhance the stirring resistance of dough, shorten its fermentation time, increase the volume of bread products, make the texture of bread delicate and even, and greatly improve the color, appearance, elasticity and taste. It can also retain the bread aroma and moisture, keep fresh and ageless, prolong the storage life and increase the nutritional ingredients of bread.

2. Noodles, vermicelli and dumplings.

In the production of instant noodles, vemicelli and dumplings, adding 1-2% wheat gluten powde can obviously improve the processing properties of products, such as pressure resistance (convenient for transportation and storage), bending resistance and tensile resistance, and increase the tenacity of noodles (improve taste), which is not easy to be broken, has soak resistance and heat resistance.Tasted slippery, non-sticky, rich in nutrition.

3. Steamed bread

In the production of steamed bread, adding 1% wheat gluten can enhance the quality of gluten, obviously improve the water absorption of dough, enhance the water holding capacity of products, improve the taste, stabilize the appearance and prolong shelf life.

4. Meat-based products

In the application of sausage, adding 2-3% wheat gluten can enhance the elasticity, toughness and water holding capacity of the products, so that they can be boiled or fried for a long time without breaks. When wheat gluten powder was used in meat-rich sausage products which has high fat content, its emulsification is more obvious.

5. Surimi-based products

In the production of fish cake, adding 2-4% wheat gluten powder can enhance the elasticity and cohesiveness of fish cake by its strong water absorption and ductility. In the production of fish sausage, adding 3-6% wheat gluten powder can protect the quality of products from high temperature treatment.

● Packing & Transportation:

The outer is paper-polymer bag, the inner is food grade polythene plastic bag. Net weight: 25kg /bag;

Without pallet---22MT/20’GP, 26MT/40’ HC;

With pallet---18MT/20’GP, 26MT/40’GP;

● Storage:

Store in dry and cool condition, keep away from sunlight or material with odor or of volatilization.

● Shelf-life:

Best within 24 months from production date.

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