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Soya Protein Isolate  gel-emulsion type can bonding water and oil tihgtly at the ratio 1:5:5 to get good taste and add weight and nutritious value to sausages, polonies, meat balls, fish balls etc and also be used as a good emulsifier.

Soybean protein isolated is widely used in the processing of meat products, fish products, dairy products, cooked wheaten products, soft drinks, foods for children, candies, convenient foods, cold foods, sugar products, and other nutritional foods and modern functional foods. Being able to effectively increase the protein content, improve the nutrition and taste of foods, and reduce costs and prolong the shelf life of products, it acquires a high nutritional value and enjoys a broad market.

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The soy protein isolate produced by our company with quality Non-GMO soybeans from the northeast of China as its raw material is a high-quality protein. It is characterized by high protein content and being almost free of cholesterol.

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Shandong Kawah Oils Co., Ltd.

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