Ethyl Alcohol Ethanol 96 Superior Grade


Product Description

Introduction of the Ethanol

Our Superior Grade 96% ethanol is processed from wheat in one of Xinrui’s subsidary factory – Guanxian Xinrui Industrial Co., Ltd, which has nice aromatique property for drinking but also is used as medical disinfactant widely.
Ethanol is widely used in the manufacture of acetic acid, beverages, flavors, dyes and fuels. In medical treatment, 70% - 75% ethanol is also commonly used as disinfectant, which is widely used in national defense chemical industry, medical and health care, food industry, industrial and agricultural production.

Classification: Alcohol
CAS No.:64-17-5
Other Names:Ethanol; Alcohol; Distilled spirits; Ethanol,
EINECS No.:200-578-6
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Grade Standard:Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity: 96%,95%,75%
Appearance:Transparent Colorless Liquid
Application: Drinking, Household, hotel, public, hospital disfection
Brand Name:Xinrui or OEM
Transport Package: 1000L IBC, 200L Drum, 30L Drum

Technical Data Sheet

Item检验项目 Specification技术要求 Result检测结果
Appearance外观 Colorless clear liquid Colorless clear liquid
Odour气味 Inherent odor of Ethanol, no abnormal odour Inherent odor of Ethanol, no abnormal odour
Taste口味 Pure, slightly sweet

Pure, slightly sweet

Colour (Pt-Co Scale) H.U色度 10 max


Alcohol Content (% vol)酒精度 95.0 min 96.3
Sulfuric acid test color (Pt-Co Scale)硫酸试验色度 10 max <10
Oxidation time/min氧化时间 30 min 42
Aldehyde (Acetaldehyde)/mg/L醛(以乙醛计) 30 max 1.4
Methanol/mg/L甲醇 50 max 5
N-propyl alcohol/mg/L正丙醇 15 max <0.5
Isobutanol+ Iso-amyl alcohol/mg/L异丁醇+异戊醇 2 max <1
Acid (As acetic acid)/mg/L酸(以乙酸计) 10 max 6
 Plumbum as Pb/mg/L铅 1 max <0.1
Cyanide as HCN/mg/L氰化物(以HCN计) 5 max 1

1000Liter IBC Drum
200Liter Plastic Drum
30Liter Plastic Drum
Requested by customer

Usage & Dosage
Ethanol can be mixed with white spirit; used as adhesive; nitro paint spraying; solvent for varnish, cosmetics, ink, paint remover, etc.; raw materials for manufacturing pesticide, medicine, rubber, plastic, artificial fiber, detergent, etc.; it can also be used as antifreeze, fuel, disinfectant, etc.


Post time: Apr-01-2020
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